There is no tool more critical to a successful project than that of an organized, all-inclusive schedule. For any project to be successful each phase must have its own timeframe for its activities. In many cases activities will require interface with other activities in phases that precede or succeed its own phase. For example a cost estimate (Phase I) may not be completed until design (Phase II) is 60% or 100% complete. Therefore, the link between the two activities must be identified with duration and start-to-finish or finish-to-start relationships. Proper scheduling shows the links to these activities so that effective tracking can be done. Using well-established scheduling software, Don Hardin Group creates an overall master schedule to strategize the milestones the paths the activities to the Owner’s success. We then require that the architect’s design reviews and the construction contractor’s detailed schedule define a critical path that gives the team the best chance at meeting the desired end date.