Project Management


A project is defined as a temporary endeavor with a defined scope of work and a predetermined ending.

A program is defined as a series of on-going endeavors with scopes of work that would be related to each other but not necessarily fully defined, and where the end dates of those endeavors are not necessarily predetermined.

The core business of Don Hardin Group, LLC is to manage projects and programs on behalf of the Owner. Our project management services focuses on the coordination of architectural and engineering design as well as the coordination of construction contractors and suppliers throughout the lifecycle of any new facility, expansion, retrofit, renovation or upgrade. Our main objective is to assure that the best quality, budget, and schedule outcome for the Owner’s project is achieved. Our project management standards are built around those defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge as adopted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We are a company with in-house Project Management Professions (PMP) also certified by PMI.

The Owner is faced with so many decisions to make and on a daily basis. Ultimately our roles and responsibilities help the Owner make the best decisions available. From the DAY 1 of the project we help the Owners plan their goals as well as identify the players (consultants and contractors) that will make the project successful. DHG also realizes that very early in the project Owners are concerned with the project budgets. Professional project managers know the essentials in extracting the information from the Owners’ support system to obtain the required elements, thus compiling the costs associated with the project. Those elements are defined by the mission of the Owners’ products or services and the project timeframe. We have several satisfied clients that require these same criteria in various industries in commercial, industrial and residential.