Construction Management


Many of our clients missed the opportunity to utilize Don Hardin Group during the design phase. Upon our clients learning the cost avoidances we help them to realize during construction, we have been told numerous times those clients that they should have had DHG on board from DAY 1. Nonetheless, we are more than pleased to make an impact on the project at the time of construction.

Allow Don Hardin Group to make your construction experience to be excellent. Our background and knowledge of design and construction enables us to offer excellence in:

  • Procurement – Estimating, bidding and contract negotiation
  • Construction kick-off – Engaging the proper resources with tasks

When it comes to core Construction management DHG facilitates the integration of all the components of the construction phase process as well as anyone. Our experience in the industries of Metal & Mining, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Religious, Commercial and Residential enables us to select and coordinate the right players for the right project, large and small alike. By having a good understanding of the outcome our customers seek, we understand the importance of the many key components of the project that assure successful outcome. A few of those components include:

  • Detailed scheduling that corresponds with the master plan
  • Processes for Change Control helps to manage the budget and   schedule
  • Rapid response to requests for clarification or information
  • Implementation of specialties into the basic construction   process
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Risk analysis, risk mitigation and risk management