PragmaTek has dedicated its services to the development and upgrade of technical network systems in the commuter transit industry. The core focus of the PragmaTek is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the functionalities of the commuter rail network. We help our clients maximize their potential to use real-time information within the commuter rail network as it relates to the safety conditions of railcars as well as a source of information to the ridership of the railcar. Our services include project management, low voltage systems design, installation services and integration of various low voltage systems.

Our mission is to deliver tried and true solutions to the transit industry by integration of the best resources the industry has to offer our clients and their customers.

PragmaTek, a Don Hardin Group Company based in Atlanta, Georgia installed multimedia systems on more than 90 Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority commuter railcars in Atlanta. Of MARTA’s fleets of transportation since the 1970s, commuter transit via railcars has experienced the highest rate of growth in ridership to keep pace with the population spurts of Metro Atlanta. Atlanta maintains its rank as one of the top five most populated cities in the southern United States. MARTA also contracted with CBS Outdoor in its vision to share in advertisement to its ridership by developing a multimedia system on the railcars. CBS Outdoor contracted with Don Hardin Group/Pragmatek to assist them with upgrading and installing the multimedia system on their trains. The installations of the system included low-voltage wiring, monitor screens, and various other system components. We also provide a Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure package along with a vendor-supplied solution for CCTV and multimedia video advertising applications for commuter transit vehicles and rail stations and large scale commercial real estate proprietors.

Our Pragmatic Approach to your success project management

PragmaTek focuses on the coordination of architectural & engineering design, the procurement of materials & equipment, and the coordination of vendors, installers and contractors throughout the project lifecycle of any new facility, expansion, retrofit, renovation or upgrade. Our main objective is to assure that the best quality, budget, and schedule outcome for the Owner’s project is equally achieved. We effectively use essential project management tools to communicate with stakeholders and execute the required scope, within the cost and time parameters to deliver your projects beyond your expectations.

low-voltage systems design

We provide a variety of low voltage design services to meet the needs of clients with demanding, cutting-edge technological requirements that need to be implemented for them to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in their industries. Our focus is to deliver definitive design and subject matter expertise in the areas of voice/data/video communication, closed circuit surveillance and lighting systems. We have also incorporated our services into the offering of a specialized multimedia system that delivers video content to commuter trains over a private Wi-Fi network. The multimedia system offers the transit authority an additional revenue generating stream as the content that is provided comes from paid advertisements. The infrastructure for the multimedia system is scalable and allows for the inclusion of CCTV and devices that can be used to provide internet access to the passengers which is another revenue generating opportunity. We at Pragmatek find our value in the value that we will add to your project. You will have the full attention of our design staff and you will receive best service that we can offer.

system integration & retrofitting

Be it equipment for monitoring, measurement, upgrade or add-on functionality; within these types of implementations there exist practical advantages and an expectation of significant added value. We offer turnkey system integration and retrofitting for a wealth of scopes of work that involve hardware/software coordination and the retrofitting of older structures with modernized devices PragmaTek emphasizes Scalability, the ability not only to function well in the rescaled structure, but also with implemented practice that takes full advantage of the enhancement.

installation services

A well-designed set of prints doesn’t always result in a quality installation. There are also occasions where a fully formulated design is unable to capture 100% of the required scope of work because of field unknowns. That is why having a qualified construction and installation team is so vital. Pragmatek has skilled technicians that can provide you with a quality realization of your design scope and bridge the gap between where your design ends and field conditions begin. The result of what we provide is a clean, quality, safe and timely fulfillment of your plan, adapted as required to reflect field changes, with record drawings.


CBS OUTDOOR hired Don Hardin Group® – Pragmatek to install the first television and radio network capable of broadcasting digital video with multiple channels of wireless audio to passengers on mass transit subway and rail systems.

These are installed on the MARTA trains in Atlanta, Georgia

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